The Xiamen Stone Fair 2024

16.- 19 March 2024

The Xiamen Stone Fair 2024

16/03/2024 10:00

Xiamen Stone Fair is an international exhibition of stone and stone processing in Xiamen. Here, a large number of international exhibitors showcase their latest products, innovations and design solutions. It provides a perfect platform to establish or develop contacts. The exhibition is especially aimed for stone importers and decision makers in the construction industry.

On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 16. March to 19. March 2024, about 150520 visitors from 148 countries on the Xiamen Stone Fair in Xiamen.

The Xiamen Stone Fair will take place on 4 days from 16 –  March to  19 –  March 2023 in Xiamen.

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